These are a few of the tools we are using to explore and analyze these interview data. As we find new ones, we'll update this list. If you like to share some that you've found useful, please send message using the 'support' tab at the bottom of the screen.

Voyant Tools
Voyant Tools is a web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts.
DiscoverText provides cloud-based software tools to quickly evaluate large amounts of text.
The Structural Topic Model is a general framework for topic modeling with document-level covariate information and also includes tools for every stage of a standard workflow from reading in and processing raw text through making publication quality figures.
quanteda is an R package for managing and analyzing text.
OpenRefine is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data.
Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)
Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) reads a given text and counts the percentage of words that reflect different emotions, thinking styles, social concerns, and even parts of speech.
DiRT Directory
The DiRT Directory is a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. DiRT makes it easy for digital humanists and others conducting digital research to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software.


A development guide is in prep. Please send a support request using the button at the bottom of the screen if you are interested in gaining access.

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